Quail Brush Gas Power Plant Terminated

Santee and Mission Trails Park vicinity have been the sites of repeated utility efforts to locate fracked gas fueled power plants. Preserve Wild Santee and the Center for Biological Diversity jointly intervened in the California Energy Commission proceedings (Op to QB 2nd Request 042114 F) at the same time the Sierra Club intervened in California Public Utilities Commission proceedings. The effective coalition fighting the project grew to include other San Diego environmental organizations and was fueled by a local grassroots effort of citizens who started their own non-profit watchdog organization in the process – Save Mission Trails. Save Mission Trails remains active and is now spearheading opposition to a fracked gas pipeline proposal.


Thanks to the large and determined citizen effort and despite the very slim odds of defeating the project, Quail Brush Power Plant was rejected at the CPUC and the Application was terminated at the CEC on September 17, 2014.

Preserve Wild Santee’s efforts prevented destructive grading in the Mission Trails Expansion Area.

SDUT Power Plants Rejected @ CPUC.jpg